1 Doctor, 1 Pill, 1 Needle.

That's all that it takes. A doctor and a prescription pad can change lives forever. We envision a world where addiction no longer tears apart families, doctors and patients find new pain management methods together, and drug companies no longer get a free pass to push their poison on the people. Obviously these are lofty goals however this is an essential issue and it is going largely ignored by politicians and the media.

Our Story

1 Needle Awareness was founded in 2016 in Buffalo, NY in response to the rising prescription drug and heroin addiction epidemic plaguing not only our local areas but around the entire country. Prescription drugs are over-prescribed in unimaginable numbers and we strive to be a catalyst in moving the conversation on these issues forward.

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We'd love for you to get involved in our movement and help stop pharmaceutical companies and doctors from flooding the market with prescription pain killers and using us as pawns to make a profit.