Keep Kratom Legal in New York.

Kratom is a controversial plant-derived substance often used by opiate addicts to ease withdrawal symptoms and wean users of the more serious drugs. While there have been some reports of adverse effects and even deaths with the use of Kratom, the scope compared to legally prescribed opiates and even alcohol is minuscule. With users often experiencing the adverse effects when mixing Kratom with other substances.. 88,000 people die a year as a result from alcohol and 28,000 from opiate abuse. Only 30 people have ever died from using Kratom, and only when it has been mixed with at least one other substance.

Dump David, Keep Kratom

New York State Senator David Carlucci, who sits on the bipartisan Joint Senate Task Force on Heroin and Opioid Addiction, has introduced Senate Bill S6345 aiming to ban Kratom sale and use all across New York. He talks about being in favor of methadone treatment, but not Kratom treatment. While his real interest is in squeezing out the natural alternative, and helping the drug companies create a monopoly on our healthcare. He has received at least $85,000 in campaign donations from the healthcare industry. The pharmaceutical companies donate to the politicians, and the politicians enact laws to help out the drug companies, ignoring the widespread opiate abuse problem that they are causing, and leaving a trail of dead friends and family members along the way.

The fact is that most people addicted to hard drugs or prescription pills, don’t want to be. It is the overwhelming difficulty of quitting the drug, and getting through the withdrawal period, that keeps most addicts in the cycle of dependence. Anything that we can be doing to make the process of quitting and staying off of the hard narcotics, needs to be funded. Or at the very least researched and not made a part of the “war-on-drugs” as Senator Carlucci is proposing. 1 Needle Awareness and Operation Overdose Radio is circulating a petition to keep Kratom legal in New York. If your interested in signing you can find it here

Reform the CORRUPTED system

Do we really need to start imprisoning more people over a plant? Over a treatment method used to calm withdrawal symptoms like you could not imagine unless you’ve been there. Unless you’ve been freezing cold and somehow sweating at the same time. Vomiting the bile out of your stomach, and fading in and out of a hallucinatory state, then you don’t know. You don’t know why Kratom needs to be legal. Senator Carlucci doesn’t know why Kratom needs to be legal. Any step that can be taken to ease withdrawal and help transition addicts into recovery, has the potential to be the cure for addiction we’ve been searching for. Yet pharmaceutical companies haven’t done any research on Kratom since the 1960’s.

Why do we think that is? If I had to guess, I would say it’s because they found Kratom to not be addictive. They found that Kratom could be used as a non-addictive mild pain reliever and that would threaten their monopoly. The one thing we’ve learned about drug companies, if you listened to Operation Overdose Radio, is that they are in the business of symptom management. They are not at all in the business of curing our ailments. That’s bad for business. They want to turn us from average citizens with a small ailment into lifelong drug dependent “customers.”

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