Keep Kratom Legal in New York

1 Needle Awareness Sponsors Petition to Keep Kratom Legal in New York.
NY Senator David Carlucci has proposed legislation to ban the use and sale of Kratom in New York.
New York, Nov. 27, 2016/1 Needle Awareness/- While alcohol kills 88,000 people a year, and heroin and pharmaceuticals kill 28,000 a year, Kratom has only ever been associated with deaths when mixed with at least one other substance. With a grand total of 30 deaths ever, the banning of this plant is not over any public safety concern. It is a blatant attempt, by an elected official, to create laws that benefit his donors.
Senator Carlucci received more than $85,000 in donations from the health care industry. As a result, he is now actively trying to help these drug companies squeeze out natural alternatives and create a monopoly on our health care. It is not up to the government to decide how we treat our diseases or what suits each of our specific needs.
This bill is nothing more than a Senator pushing the interests of the donors who backed him. Willfully ignoring the fact that these are the exact decisions that are causing the addiction epidemic and leaving a trail of death in their aftermath.

It is our children dying in their hands, it is our husbands, and it is our wives, suffering because of them. Whether you are an addict yourself, a recovering addict, a family member or just a concerned citizen, your voice can make a difference.

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